Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two new reviews of Black Radish titles

Benjamin Champagne reviews Nicole Mauro's Tax-Dollar Super Sonnet, Featuring Sarah Palin as Poet at New Pages.

"Nicole Mauro takes the idea [of reworking found texts] to the next logical level in Tax-Dollar Super Sonet, working with the fervor of a mash-up DJ."

John Olson reviews Sarah Mangold's Electrical Theories of Femininity at Tillalala Chronicles.

"The first title of this collection -- 'I meant to be transparent' -- put a smile on my face. One thing Sarah Mangold is not is transparent. I refer of course, to the actual Sarah, the flesh and blood Sarah, the Sarah who constructed these poems. The Sarah whose devotion to the written word is so profound that she brings in an entire community to share it with her as she herself remains behind the curtain. This is among the most ego-less writing I've seen."

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