Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sneak peek at three new Black Radish titles

Check out the cover for j/j hastain's new title, ready in just a couple of weeks, and draft covers for Carrie Hunter's Orphan Machines and David James Miller's CANT .

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brittany Billmeyer-Finn interviewed about her forthcoming book the meshes

Brittany Billmeyer-Finn, whose Black Radish title the meshes will appear Fall 2015, talks with Madison Davis about the work as both book and performance at OPEN HOUSE POETRY.

Black Radish's Kindergarde at the Birthday Party Pledge

Black Radish Book’s Kindergarde: Avant-garde Poems, Plays, Stories, and Songs for Children has been recommended by the Birthday Party Pledge, an organization which seeks:
  • To encourage childhood literacy in order to promote a lifelong love of books.
  • To assist adults in providing children with books that truly reflect the diverse society in which we live.
Have a look at all the work recommended at The Birthday Party Pledge! http://birthdaypartypledge.com/poetry/

Friday, May 1, 2015

Readings by Black Radish authors Jesse Nissim and Marthe Reed

Black Radish authors Marthe Reed and Jesse Nissim will be reading tonight in Syracuse, NY, at The Downtown Writer's Center (340 Montgomery St.). 7pm

Marthe Reed will also be reading Monday, May 4th in the Bianca Room of Pace University's New York City campus to celebrate Handmade/HomemadeExhibit 2015: Northeast by Northwest. Readers also include Jody Gladding and Bertha Rogers.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two new reviews of Black Radish titles

Benjamin Champagne reviews Nicole Mauro's Tax-Dollar Super Sonnet, Featuring Sarah Palin as Poet at New Pages.

"Nicole Mauro takes the idea [of reworking found texts] to the next logical level in Tax-Dollar Super Sonet, working with the fervor of a mash-up DJ."

John Olson reviews Sarah Mangold's Electrical Theories of Femininity at Tillalala Chronicles.

"The first title of this collection -- 'I meant to be transparent' -- put a smile on my face. One thing Sarah Mangold is not is transparent. I refer of course, to the actual Sarah, the flesh and blood Sarah, the Sarah who constructed these poems. The Sarah whose devotion to the written word is so profound that she brings in an entire community to share it with her as she herself remains behind the curtain. This is among the most ego-less writing I've seen."

Thursday, April 16, 2015

mclennon reviews Mangold's new Black Radish collection

rob mclennan reviews Sarah Mangold's Electrical Theories of Femininity: "Mangold’s language sparks and flies, collides and flows in poems that fragment the lyric into impossible shapes." Read the full review here.

Copies of Electrical Theories of Femininity are available through Small Press Distribution.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Reading by Sarah Mangold in Seattle April 26th

April 26 at 3pm at Seattle's Elliott Bay Book Company, Sarah Mangold will read from her new Black Radish collection Electrical Theories of Femininity with Donna Stonecipher.

Mangold also has new work in the March/April Kenyon Review and the Spring issue of Lit.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

Carrie Hunter and James Maughn: Bay Area readings April 16 and 19

Black Radish author Carrie Hunter, whose second title, Orphan Machines, will appear July 2015, will be reading twice this week in the Bay Area:

La Commune Presents: Michael Gottlieb, Carrie Hunter, Steven Seidenberg
Thursday, April 16 at 7:00pm
La Commune Cafe and Bookstore
4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, California 94609

Fellow Radish James Maughn will also be reading with her on the 19th:

Dusie Chapbook Kollektiv 8 Presents: Behm-Steinberg, Chiado, Hunter,
Maughn & Tuck: Five Chapbook Releases
Sunday, April 19 at 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom St, San Francisco, California 94110

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Author Activity from Black Radish Books

Brittany Billmeyer-Finn, whose Black Radish title, the meshes, will be published in Fall 2015, is a recipient of the SAFEhouseARTS SF performance residency. Her ensemble cast performed a version of the meshes in a multi-media performance that dramatized the internal process of making art by embodying the textual practice of writing through the filmography of Maya Deren. the meshes engages Deren's silent films and the unfinished documentary, The Divine Horsemen the Living Gods of Haiti. The performances dealt in such themes as ritual, obsession, spectatorship and archive; pushing up against the passivity of spectatorship and drawing on the tension between the voyeur, viewer and witness. the meshes debuted on Thursday April 2nd and had a second showing on Friday April 3rd at SAFEhouseARTS. Brittany rocks!

Carrie Hunter, whose new Black Radish title Orphan Machines will be published this summer, has a new chapbook, Scienza Nuova, published by Little Read Leaves Textile Series.

Sarah Mangold, author of Electrical Theories of Femininity, has a poem up at Chaudiere Books, as part of the National Poetry Month celebrations.

Mark Lamoureux is collaborating with poet Chris McCreary as part of National Poetry Month. You can follow their project at MarisMcLamoureary. Lamoureux's most recent publication 29 Cheeseburgers + 39 Years is published by Pressed Wafer.

Marthe Reed will be reading from her new collection Nights Reading, Burton's Thousand and One May 1 at the Syracuse, NY, YMCA Writers Center at 7pm and May 4 at Pace University's Birnbaum Library (1 Pace Plaza, NY, NY) at 8pm.

j/j hastain, whose book luci will appear June 2015, presented at both &NOW at CalArts and at AWP in Minneapolis, knocking the socks off xyr audiences!

Pre-sales for both luci and Orphan Machines will soon be available via our website, so stay tuned!