Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pre-publication sale: new books by Sarah Mangold, Valerie Witte, and Mackenzie Carignan

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 In a house without a roof is open to the stars, Mackenzie Carignan’s poems make their way into the reader’s consciousness by way of scrupulous perception. Carignan’s acuity creates a vision of the world that the reader trusts even as it proves itself strange, eccentric. “Spectacle and skeptical,” she writes, “they both come from a speck/a fleck/a flicker a sliver/of what we see.” Carignan holds the tension of perception and skepticism aloft keen intelligence. Intellect is augmented, however, by a depth of feeling that makes this book a project of consummate commitment and care. The world, fostered with such tenderness, resists fragmentation: “It seems like disassembly/but it is finally alignment.”   Elizabeth Robinson

Publication date: Dec 1, 2014

Sarah Mangold’s impeccably titled Electrical Theories of Femininity is a book full of kinetic meditations on language, voice and its varied prostheses, and the evolution of evolution of evolutions. Right from the book’s start, Mangold reminds us thatto attend to color then is a part to attend to the limbs of language,” connecting the reader back to the physicality of words, the interior monologue that echoes in tandem with modifiers. Just as Barbara Guest’s poetry invites readers into a visual world where I am listening for the sound of the fall/of colors (The Location of Things), Mangold also takes her painterly penstroke and finds there is constant action and the action is in us.” These poems are all action, all current, all magnetic field atomic excitementthey take on the talking machine and “consider the real act of moving.” Mangold truly does introduce a new genre of theorythat which is electrical in its consideration of gender and language (if the hero is a girl), that demands a space for the female pronoun in this age of machines (The name of this heroine is mass energy). Electrical Theories of Femininity is a lyric radical dictionary how-to guide contemporary necessity that cloaks the reader in potential bodies activated,” a moving beyond device scapegoat to fired up conversation.” Everyone needs to read this book!  erica kaufman, author of Instant Classic

Publication date: Feb 15, 2015

A Game of Correspondence by Valerie Witte

Publication date: April 1, 2015

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