Sunday, July 20, 2014

Black Radish Books announces: TAX DOLLAR SUPER SONNET by Nicole Mauro

Black Radish Books' new title is Nicole Mauro's Tax Dollar Super Sonnet, Featuring Sarah Palin as Poet!

Poetry. Features one giant 'super' sonnet composed of text from various presidential speeches (Obama to Washington), and prose poems using Sarah Palin's autobiography, Going Rogue, and Emily Dickinson's Books.

"A procedural-marvel. I find myself wondering on active generations of lyric from within a source text (is that akin to the functionality of Rorschach (embedded-ness of underlying lyric?)). In other words, if we extract (as an activism) are we composers? Are we stewards ('servant's' 'heart') of meaning? A poet is a self-made visionary. Can someone surrogate (yes, as a verb) me (us) a position in vision ('it is true' 'I' 'can')? I think that more than anything else Mauro has offered us a way to enter 'imagined' [] 'freedom:' 'the' 'promulgation.' We need hearth-like replacements of 'counterfeit' 'countenance;' we need to feel our own agency as we are being enfolded in a slurping and slobbering (lovely) story line as it is being unfolded. What a relief to be confounded and found here! Sarah Palin's voice is blasting through an overhead speaker while Mauro wears a mask of Emily Dickinson's face, her three fingers on right hand tucked into middle of palm with her pointer finger and thumb extended ('I am the new Emily Dickinson with a gun'). Mauro moves the mouth of the mask."—j/j hastain
Nicole Mauro has published poems and criticism in numerous journals. Her publications include seven chapbooks and two full-length collections, THE CONTORTIONS (Dusie, 2007), and TAX-DOLLAR SUPER-SONNET, FEATURING SARAH PALIN AS POET (Black Radish Books, 2014). She has also co-edited an interdisciplinary book about sidewalks, INTERSECTION (with Marci Nelligan, ChainArts, 2008), the first in the ChainLinks book series. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Patrick, and daughters Nina and Faye. She teaches rhetoric and writing at the University of San Francisco. 

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